Twitter Rolling Out New Facebook-alike Design To Users

We reported that Twitter had been testing a new profile design with a more Facebook-like cover photo and overall look. And lately, Twitter has announced that it is rolling the new design to its users.

Facebook-alike Twitter Profile And Cover Photo

Twitter has mentioned that the new features include a number of new ways to view and interact with Tweets. Users will have a larger profile photo. Besides, they’ll be able to customize header and showcase their best tweets by pinning them at the top of the profile page. In addition to these, the new profile will demarcate the user’s best tweets (the ones that have received more engagement) by making them appear larger than other tweets.

New Design Of Twitter

Apart from these, Twitter has also introduced filtered tweets, allowing users to choose which timeline to view while checking out other profiles. Users will be able to filter across tweets, tweets that feature photos/videos, or a view for tweets and replies. The Photos/Video feed offers tweets that have an image or video in a two column layout with tweets appearing in card-like boxes. The ‘Following’ and ‘Follower’ tabs display users you follow and your followers in a card-like UI.

Twitter has informed that the new profile setup is available to a small group of users and will be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks. It is to be noted here that new Twitter users will get the new profile page immediately. The new profile looks similar to Facebook’s profile pages, featuring a bigger header image and a larger profile picture, placed at the left corner. It offers columns for Tweets which doesn’t feature replies to other users. There is a sub-column for ‘Tweets and replies’ that also offers your replies along with untagged tweets.

Source: Twitter

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