Twitter Starts Providing News Related Information About Tweets

Over the past year or so, Twitter has assumed an increasingly central position when it comes to breaking news and updates. The micro-blogging network is now ramping up this presence by offering additional information with tweets, in the form of brief snippets.


Twitter has an increasingly larger role to play in the coming days. The website is becoming critically significant for the news industry, because it is often used not only by notable journalists but the general public at large, to break news and dish out the latest updates about different events and happenings.

It is precisely for this reason that different news pieces and articles increasingly quote actual tweets within their content. Twitter is now trying to highlight this by mentioning such articles alongside tweets, which embed that particular tweet.

This is particularly useful for citizen journalists and activists who have their tweets actively used by different articles around the web. The feature lets them keep track of such articles without having to scour through the web.

For now, certain users are able to see the feature available on their profiles. Twitter hasn’t rolled out to its users at large, so we think that the website is currently testing out the feature to see how popular and useful it turns out to be. Once Twitter gets a good enough feedback on this feature, it may then roll it out to all users.

Courtesy: CNET

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