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Twitter Will Soon Offer Music-Related Analytics To Find Emerging Artists

Twitter has been forging ties with media organizations, given the sheer treasure-trove of real-time data that it has. Now, the micro-blogging company is focusing on music, having signed a deal to offer its music-related data to 300 Entertainment.

Twitter Music

Twitter has tried to dabble into the world of music in the past. However, these efforts including Twitter Music haven’t exactly been a great success. Now, the company has partnered with 300 Entertainment to analyze music-related data from Twitter and discern trends and patterns.

The partnership will essentially be aimed at highlighting such emerging artists who are popular with the Twitter audience, and help music industry big-wigs such as record labels understand this precious music-related data. In the long-run, Twitter probably plans to partner directly with the music industry hard-cores such as labels, brands and musicians.

Commenting on the agreement with 300 Entertainment, Twitter’s head of music Bob Moz said, “Music is the largest topic of conversation on Twitter, so we’re really invested in building a win-win environment for fans, artists, labels, promoters and music services.┬áThis partnership is a great example because it is about helping artists and labels find each other. We’re looking forward to working with [300 Entertainment head Lyor Cohen’s] team in the coming months, and we hope they find great artists to sign as a result.”

300 Entertainment is a startup that apparently finds budding musical talent and connects it with the right stakeholders. In a way, it enables emerging artists to sign the right kind of deals. Intriguingly enough, the startup is headed by Lyor Cohen who is considered to have immense influence in the music industry.

Source: 300 Entertainment
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