Twitter Unveiled Native Windows 8 App, Features A Few Unique Add-ons

According to its commitment months ago, Twitter has released the native Windows 8 app. This Windows 8 App version comes with usual Twitter features and a few unique add-ons. This app has been designed uniquely for Windows 8 devices.

Twitter Native Windows 8 App TTJ -1

Some of the features of the app are quite similar with the versions of iOS and Android. You will find Share and Search which let you tweet or search from any app. In the side bar there is Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs. This app also comes with Twitter Live Tiles and notifications that are on-view no matter which app is running. The Snap view let you adjust the size of the Twitter app and use other apps alongside it, plus a unique photo gallery or Photo show. This app functionality features fast and fluid technology of Windows 8. Check some screen-shorts below from Microsoft App Store.

Twitter Native Windows 8 App TTJ -2
Twitter Native Windows 8 App TTJ -3
Twitter Native Windows 8 App TTJ -4

Source: Microsoft App Store

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