TIME Awarded David Guttenfelder As ‘Instagram Photographer Of The Year’

TIME magazine has announced the name of Instagram Photographer of the Year and that is Associated Press’ chief Asia photographer David Guttenfelder. The North Korean photo journalist is a seven time World Press Photo award winner.

TIME Awarded David Guttenfelder As Instagram Photographer Of The Year

Time magazine awarded the veteran photojournalist David Guttenfelder as their Instagram Photographer of the year 2013. Although Instagram is most popular photo sharing media and it has no shortage of talented photographers including the professional or amateur. But Guttenfelder’s Instagram feed is undoubtedly unique among all of them. May be its’ because of his Associated Press job which let him unprecedented access to any place where any ordinary citizen is not allowed in North Korea. Most importantly, he made sure to proper uses of this privilege by uploading in his Instagram and now he shares the photos of daily life with his 247k followers.

David Guttenfelder is one of the professional photographers who react quickly when the popularity of Instagram exploded. But definitely he made a unique way to the opportunity of sharing photos. Those unique photos gives him Time’s award and many online netizens consider it as a wise choice.

Basically David visited 75 countries and covered different news including the genocide in Rwanada, the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, summer Olympic games as well as North Korean daily stren life.

He wins World Press Photo Award for seven times as well as he got Overseas Press Club of America John Faber, Olivier Reboot, Feature photography, 2013 International Center For Photography Infinity, Photojournalist of the year and many more awards.

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