Vice President Joe Biden To Host Google+ Hangout On Gun Violence Today

President Obama seems fairly determined to go after gun violence and devise measures to ensure gun control. To this end, he elucidated a number of proposals in a recent speech. The Vice President, Joe Biden, is also supporting the Premier on this issue. Biden will hold a Google+ Hangout session on the issue of gun violence on Thursday.

Joe Biden

Although it’s slightly disappointing that the session will last only 30 minutes, it is still a really good step forth to start an active discussion about gun violence on the social media. In the past, we have seen a furor erupt over gun-related massacres but no concrete solutions from the digital citizens.

Perhaps this Google+ hangout session will finally kickstart a round of possible solutions to the whole question of gun control. The session will be hosted by Hari Sreenivasan from PBS NewsHour. Mr. Biden will be elaborating further on the policy recommendations that White House has come up with, regarding the issue.

If you wish to catch the session live, it will happen on 1:45 pm ET on January 24th, Thursday. You can tune in to the Google+ page of White House or the YouTube channel to be there on time. It is expected that this is the first of these Google+ hangout sessions on the issue of gun control and that White House plans on other future hangouts with different members of president’s cabinet to bring his team’s vision to netizens.

Source: Google

Courtesy: The Verge

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  1. Tsais

    I think most politicians would prefer not to be puppets of the world banking cartel, but ever since JFK, its painfully obvious that they have no choice.

    I’m not a fan of guns at all, one of the worst inventions ever, but the whole gun control ruckus is not to eliminate such shootings, psychopaths will just have illegal guns and honest people will have nothing to defend themselves from the coming troubles.

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