[Video] Crazy Facebook Theme Song Shows Our Facebook Obsession

As Facebook gears up to go public, all eyes are set on it. What is expected is hundreds of thousands will line up to get their hands on the shares of the social networking site, such is it’s popularity. And who drives it’s popularity? Facebook addicts who have to log into the social networking site every few minutes, go on a status-liking spree and then leave comments and opinion on every news feed on their home page. And there are doubtlessly millions of such users. Here’s a crazy song by Daniel Koren which quite aptly depicts how hooked we all are to Facebook.

In the video, Koren actually attempts to show how obsessed we have become with the entire Facebook culture. We can’t resist the temptation to log into Facebook, scourge through the multitude of news feed and then somehow interact with each of these in the form of likes, comments etc.

Moreover, Koren also points out to the fact that many of us Facebook to stalk on strangers, or even friends. He blends all these trends into music and a simple jingle which quite effectively portrays the message he’s trying to put through. Here’s the video, treat yourself:

Image courtesy marcopako.

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