Wikimedia To Get Into Travel Industry, Will Start Travel Site

It has never been easy to get the right information about travel. To make it easy the Wikimedia Foundation has decided to create a travel site, focusing on providing the right information about travel easily. The foundation’s board of trustees approved a proposal on July 11 to launch an advertisement-free travel site.

Wikipedia Logo, Image Credit: Wikipedia

The proposal to launch a wiki travel site came from “a large group of editors at Wikitravel and some from Wikipedia.” In fact, the Wikitravel community that includes FlyerTalk and FrugalTravelGuy is very interested in joining the Wikimedia movement. On July 11, Wikimedia Foundation’s board of trustees approved a proposal to launch an advertisement-free travel site.

It was mentioned in the approval that 31 out of the 48 administrators of the Internet Brands-owned Wikitravel pledged to join forces with the Wikimedia Foundation’s travel website. Apart from this, Wikivoyage, that broke with Wikitravel in 2006, about a year after Internet Brands acquired it, is also interested to join with the Wikimedia travel site. In fact, Wikivoyage is ready to contribute its articles as well as its name, URL, board and administrators.

However, the name of the new travel site has not been decided. Hope this new travel site will be of great value to people.

Source : CNET
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