Twitter Considers Hiding @replies On Timelines

Twitter keeps tinkering with new features on a limited scale which, if proven useful, are then rolled out to the general public. The company is reportedly testing a more streamlined view of the Timeline now, hiding @replies from tweets.

Twitter beta feature

This is an aesthetic decision which makes conversations look more natural. Normally, every Twitter conversation has countless handles inserted in it, even if only two users are interacting. With the new feature that is being tested, the handles are removed from the replies.

The change certainly makes sense and reading a long Twitter conversation becomes less confusing, thanks to it. At the same time, a grey line connects all replies within a conversation. This gives it coherence and allows for an easier read.

The aforementioned changes are currently in ‘beta’ version only and is available to some users of its official app. Shall the feature turned out to be popular with the beta crowd, it may see the light of the day. Meanwhile, Twitter also plans to redefine visual cues on the site. This could mean that the company will roll out more hashtag-like cues to help discover content and connect with each other on Twitter.

Source: BuzzFeed

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