Wikipedia’s New WikiLove Button

Wikipedia comes to show your “love” to select articles through the introduction of a “WikiLove” button which has the aim of encouraging its contributors to keep on editing and to encourage you for never mind the increase of corrections and criticism. As the Internet is an extremely social construct and that would explain the explosion of sites that tend to border on the personal, alongside social networks and microblogging services that keep your family and friends updated on your latest escapades.

The Wikimedia Foundation that runs Wikipedia, recently published a blog post that introduced the button as part of a new feature which will be deployed on its prototype site. Users can send one another messages of encouragement just when they feel like giving up after receiving far too many brickbats instead of bouquets. Wikimedia has started to request for users to create a test account, give WikiLove some, er, love, and deliver feedback over at the WikiLove talk page.

Starting from Wednesday, hope that you may be able to use the WikiLove extension, or disable it. The Wikimedia Foundation has also built-in metrics to the tool so that they’ll be able to measure how frequently it’s used and how it affects new editor activity. They also want to explore ways to engage new users and make the site more inviting.
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