YouTube Is Closing Down Tonight!

Google just declared the most shocking news of this century. Just few minute ago, Google posted a video explaining its decision to shut down YouTube, even from tonight. Few days ago we got the shocking announcement about Google Reader shut down, this time the shutting down troll got super big. Keep reading for more details about this shocking news.

In Google’s language its not entirely shutting down. But they will go down for a decade, and will relaunch again in 2023.

This whole time, for last eight year, YouTube was actually just organizing a contest to find worlds best video. Now they are done, they will no longer accept any new video uploads after tonight. YouTube’s “competition director” Tim Liston explains this “Tonight at mid-night, will no longer be accepting entries.“.

Check the full announcement video to understand more about this super shocking news.

Could you Believe it?

You shouldn’t. First check the date.

Obviously, its April fool joke.

Google always come up with some weird prank idea each year, during April fool. So far this one if this years best. What do you think?

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