Switch Between Personal And Work Dropbox Accounts Soon

Currently, Dropbox requires you to log out of one account and into another when switching between personal and business accounts. This is going to change next month, the company promises.


The company is planning to introduce a synchronization mechanism which will allow a given customer to access multiple Dropbox accounts from a single device, without requiring multiple logins. This feature is especially geared for such Dropbox users who have not only personal accounts, but also use the Business account of the cloud storage service.

According to Dropbox, the feature will be rolled out on April 9th. In a way, this makes perfect sense for the company. Prices in the cloud storage arena have nosedived in recent months and offering cloud services to individual consumers is no longer profitable. On the other hand, nearly all cloud services end up making their profit out of the Business accounts and enterprise tools that they offer.

Dropbox currently has 200 million users in all. The company says that it has 4 million businesses on board with it. With the price drop in the cloud storage arena, individual consumers will soon no longer be profitable for companies like Dropbox. So a deeper integration of the personal accounts with the enterprise accounts may encourage more and more users to sign up and pay for the premium services.

This is like preparing for the inevitable future of the cloud industry. We may even see a mashup of personal and enterprise accounts in the coming days, as the competition grows fierce in an arena which is already crowded by the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive.

Courtesy: The Verge

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