There Are 2.1 Billion Internet Users In The World

So what happened with the Internet in 2011? How many email accounts were there in the world in 2011? How many websites? How many users? Judging by a new survey, you are one of the 2.1 billion people who use the Internet every day. According to the report released by statistics site Pingdom, 44% of those people are based in Asia. Yes, gamers are sucking up almost half of the world’s Internet.

Europe came in second with 23% or 476.2 million users and North America third with 10% or 271.1 million users (pretty odd right?). Some additional interesting facts about the report:

  • 95.5 domains were registered live by the end of 2011
  • The most popular email client remains Microsoft Outlook with 27.6%
  • 71% of email traffic of November 2011 is considered to be spam
  • China has the largest Internet population: 485 million
  • 45% of the population present on the internet was under 25 of age
  • There are more instant messenger accounts than there are social networking accounts.
  • There are 3.15 billion registered email accounts, which is 3 times more than the total number of users.
  • Facebook remains the king of social media with 800 million accounts, a quarter of which have been created in 2011.


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