Google Added Handwriting Support For Gmail And Google Docs

Google is always eager to bring new stuffs to its system that will be easy and attractive to users. After testing banner-like ads search results, lately Google has added handwriting support for Gmail and Google Docs via mouse and track pad.

Google Adds Handwriting In Gmail

Users can take advantage of this new feature by selecting the handwriting input (represented by a pencil icon) of the desired language, and then use a mouse or track pad for the actual inscription. In other words, the feature will let the users write single or multiple characters at a time in the panel. Handwriting input can also be applied to Google Mobile Search, Google Translate (on both desktop and mobile devices), and in Chrome. The feature is available for over 20 languages in Google Docs and for over 50 in Gmail. For a closer look at Google’s handwriting tools, check out the promo clip below:

Source: Google (Blog)

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