Total Bitcoin Circulation Surpassed $1 Billion

The encrypted digital currency Bitcoin is rising pretty fast. Though it already run into a lot of issues, still it already managed to pass $1 billion in total value.


With nearly 11 million Bitcoins in circulation, and exchange value rise to US $92 per Bitcoin, the total valuation becomes $1 Billion. Interesting things is just one month ago this exchange rate with USD was $32 and that was even highest record on that time. But in last few weeks exchange rate is increasing like crazy.

Though we have seen numerous news on Bitcoin hacking attempt, technical difficulties, transaction policy issue. So the rise was not all success story, still Bitcoin has to fight with a lot of different things.

Lets hope it finds its own path, and lead to its goal “A Dream to true Open Currency”.

Thanks: IEEE Spectrum

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M Asif Rahman

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  1. Tsais

    Unless Bitcoin was secretly created by the world banking cartel, it will have extremely powerful, old and determined enemies.

    I’ve previously speculated that the hacking attempts may originate with the same people who have and will bring down anyone who might intrude on their fraudulent FIAT currency monopoly.

    On the other hand, the cartel may just be watching Bitcoin to gain insights for their own plan to eliminate cash in favor of a completely digital currency controlled by the cartel. If people can’t stash paper cash anymore, and the cartel doesn’t like you, they just have to block your card or chip and you’re up shit creek.

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