Gets A New Sleeker Look

For all those Xbox fans out there, here’s the good news! Microsoft has announced to revamp With all the added features, it’s more fun to use, more interactive and has a much better look. Read More.

The new look that Microsoft is due to release soon will be reinventing your experience of The focus of these changes is to add the ‘social experience’. This means that you get to interact with your friends in a much better way. The ‘Social’ section allows you to see at a glance what your friends are up to. Apart from this section, you will also a cool feature named ‘Beacons.’ Through beacons, you can mark the games you want to play. This will allow you to find other friends who want to play the same games, letting you network smoothly. And when other friends play the games you’ve set the beacon on, you get a live alert.

The navigation to different pages is also made swifter and easier. You can easily surf through to your profile, redeem your Xbox Live Marketplace codes and access infinity of movies and TV shows by purchasing them right through your browser. You can later watch the movies on y our Xbox or through Zune player.

You can also keep track of the games you’ve recently played and the games your friends have been playing. The download queue lets you keep an eye on your downloads. The ‘message’ section has also been re-done and you get a lot cleaner, easier-to-navigate inbox.

The Update is all set to be sometime real soon. When Microsoft made the announcement, it had said that the updates will be available in ‘holiday 2011.’ And guess that is just around the corner!

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