Twitter Hacked Again!

Twitter has been hacked again. And not just admin panel is hacked this time but over 300 internal documents had been stolen. Read the financial, business, technical strategies at TechCrunch

The hacker or hackers have made the documents relatively easy to obtain through public Internet sources. Inside some of the documents mention partner discussions with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft for the last few months, including the Xbox360 dashboard update to include Twitter and Facebook, which was previously announced at E3.

From the documents recovered, analysts mention that Twitter has thoroughly planned and predicted its future in the market, including being the first web site with a billion users and discussions of “How could Facebook kill us?”, where a possible buyout of the web site from Facebook could take place, as Facebook has shown steady profits and user base increase over the last year, now with well over 250 million users.

Discussions about the Twitter TV show also came up in the confidential documents, where analysts predict a failure of the show if one came about, but Twitter decided it needed to post a blog entry to “kill the story that ‘twitter is coming out with a TV show.'”

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