Vancouver Finds Its Google Fiber Alternate – OneGigabit

Duelers of Vancouver has something to celebrate. A new Vancouver-based internet service provider named OneGigabit will be offering 1Gbps connections at a comparable price to Google Fiber.

optical fiber

The start-up will offer gigabit internet for $45 to $65 per month. And there won’t be any bandwidth cap on usage. Eric Kuhnke, a computer and telecommunications specialist who found OneGigabit, revealed the information.

If OneGigabit successfully starts offering the service it envisions to deliver, then it would let Canadian households enjoy 60 times the average data rate in the country. And, the monthly bill would be substantially lower. Currently, Canadians pay $54/month on average for 16.6Mbps internet connections. Fiber optic lines that offers 175Mbps to 250Mbps data rates usually cost $115 to $226 a month.

OneGigabit plans to change this. But it has one big issue to solve. Canada don’t have a ready to cash in fiber optic network. And, laying cables to serve just one or two customers in a building or neighborhood isn’t exactly economical, as identified by Kuhnke. Hence, OneGigabit is taking a different route. It is negotiating with real estate owners, managers, developers to hook up entire buildings that currently don’t have a fiber connection. The cost will be shared by building owners and OneGigabit. In cases, where such arrangement isn’t possible, OneGigabit will use over-the -roof microwave backbones, similar to mobile networks.

After all these are done, Vacouver duelers will be able to get gigabit internet just like Google Fiber is offering in the U.S.

Thanks to: CBC

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