Guess Who Took The Internet Speed Title In 2012? Hong Kong!

A recent report by Akamai Technologies has revealed that Honk Kong has taken the crown for serving the highest average internet speed. It stood just over 54 Mbps in the 3rd quarter of 2012. No, it is not the highest available internet speed in the world, but it is the highest average peak internet speed so far.

Broadband Internet

The 54 Mbps average internet speed record is also the first record in the world to have surpassed 50 Mbps. In this race of highest average peak connection speed, Hong Kong is followed by South Korea (48.8 Mbps), Japan (42.2 Mbps), Latvia (37.5 Mbps) and Romania (37.4 Mbps). The United States has ranked 14th with 29.6 Mbps.

China has ranked 123rd in the report, even though it had a 21% increase in speeds year over year. But, it has been the single largest source of traffic during the quarter – 33%.

Akamai’s report is released every quarter, based on information gathered from 680 million unique IP addresses connected to its cloud platform.

Source: Akamai

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