Watch Hawaii Tsunami Video: The one of the effects of Chile Earthquake 2010

The aftermath of Chile earthquake is worsening. Today morning a Japanese island was hit. The one of the effects of the strong earthquake that recently hit Chile is the tsunami that has hit Hawaii.

Some people in Hawaii have evacuated the islands after a tsunami warning was issued yesterday. This warning followed the huge earthquake that rocked Chile at 3:30AM. The video about shows some brave folks waiting for the wave(s), which was over 4 feet high!

The wave in the video did not cause much damage, and a tsunami wave can be much larger and cause much more devastation.

Hawaii tsunami Web cams and live video streams are capturing the events as they unfold, providing compelling video footage of the event.

The following live video streams show activity in Hawaii as it happens. Tsunami waves have hit Hawaii and some continue to impact its islands.

Watch live streaming video from honolululive1 at

Parts of Japan have been evacuated, and a tsunami is expected in that area because of the tectonic plates.

Thanks Ustream & Honolulu for the videos.

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