Wikipedia’s Video Player Cooming Soon

In an interview with Erik Moller, deputy director of the Wikimedia Foundation, have reiterated that the vidoe capability in Wikipedia will be unveiled soon. Though this is a much anticipated feature being added to Wikipedia (or Mediawiki, the underlying Content Management System that runs Wikipedia), the choice of codec by the Wikimedia foundation has created a heated controversy. Apparently, Wikipedia is palnning to use Ogg Theora, an open source video codec, in their Mediawiki platform. But, the issue that large comanies like Google and Apple had put huge effort in developing systems based on H.264 codec has created a controversy. Moreover, the use of H.264 codec in mobile phones has also paved the way of H.264 codec. Hence, the matter of compatibility along with good streaming quality and processing power consumption in mobile devices will be a big problem for users for some days at least.

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