Apple Revamps The Looks Of App Store Category Pages

Apple has been adding minor tweaks to the overall interface of its App Store on a weekly basis. You may have seen the ‘Featured’ page on the store and now, Apple has introduced similar Featured pages for all categories, highlighting a number of third-party apps.

App Store category page

The new ‘Featured pages’ for each category that Apple has just added to the App Store are highly significant. Conventionally, the main Featured page on App Store has driven huge amounts of traffic to such apps which have been highlighted.

Below is a brief run-down of what the new changes in App Store are and how may they impact the developers:

  • If you browse to a given category on App Store, the home page of that category now contains ‘Featured’ portion.
  • This portion contains ‘Essential’ as well as ‘New and Noteworthy’ subcategories which is where selected apps are highlighted. These sections are updated on weekly basis.
  • The new design of the category pages allows displaying the featured apps in wide banners. There is also space on each side of the banner to add other apps which are to be promoted.
  • On the home page, you can now find a drop-down menu of different categories. It is from here that you can navigate to the Featured pages of each category.
  • If you browse to the App Store home page from your iPad for the first time, you can navigate to the ‘New to iPad? Start Here’ category which contains many apps suggested by Apple to new users.

These changes mean that even if a developer’s app is not featured on the home page, it stands a chance to be highlighted on the category home page. That, in turn, will still be significant since it can bolster the traffic going over to that app.

Featured category pages

With its new designs, Apple is essentially trying to bring more exposure to more apps. This is a good thing for the apps developers although app developers vary in their opinion as to how significant, in terms of new traffic, would these changes be.

Courtesy: Mac Stories

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