Apple Brings iWork To iCloud, Offers Real-Time Editing

When it comes to cloud services, Apple may be trading behind its competitors. Although the company has tried to turn the tables in its favor with iCloud, that doesn’t seem to be working. Now, Apple is bringing iWork to iCloud, in a bid to make its cloud offerings somewhat more enticing.

iWork for iCloud

iWork is a popular software suite from Apple. Mac users tend to rely on the suite for a comprehensive set of editing tasks, since the suite offers a broad range of tools.

For instance, users can access Numbers, Pages, Keynotes and other tools in iWork. At the WWDC 2013 event, Apple has announced that it is bringing the office suite to iCloud. This essentially means that you can access different tools in this software suite via corresponding web apps. And the best part is that when using these web apps, you can edit your content in real-time, thus giving you more or less the same functionality as the desktop version of the suite.

According to Apple, users will be able to access and use the iCloud-based iWork tools on a number of browsers, including Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. However, don’t be too quick to go hunting for it on Apple’s site – the cloud-based version is currently in beta stage and will be made available only to the developers for now. The actual rollout of the service is expected later this year.

Source: Apple

Courtesy: Engadget

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