Apple’s iPhone Also Gets Amazon’s Cloud Music Service

Amazon launched its cloud music service more than a year later. The service has been quite popular with a lot of users but so far, it had been out of the reach of iPhone users many of which have been wanting to lay their hands on it. Well, the wait of iPhone users have been worth it since the service has finally arrived on their devices.

Amazon’s cloud music service will be available to iPhone users as well as iPod users through an iOS app. With the help of this new app, iPhone users will be able to download as well as stream all their music which they have already stored in the locker service of Amazon.

The service will also be able to play any such music which is available directly on iPhone. Interestingly, this includes all such songs which an iPhone users may have stored on Apple’s iTunes Player.

iPad users had been lucky in that they were able to lay their hands on the devices much earlier than iPhone users. They have already been accessing the cloud music service through a browser-based player.

One glitch, though, for those will be using this iOS app is that they won’t be able to load their own music into Amazon’s cloud. Not only that, users will not be able to sign up for the service from within the app either, a restriction that Apple has imposed in order to restrain users from signing up for newer services from within iOS apps.

Source: iTunes

Courtesy: All Things D

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