Chrome For iOS App Updated, Comes With Voice Search

We have been hearing about an update coming to Chrome for iOS app. Now, Google has finally lived up to that promise and delivered a refresh for the iOS app of its browser. The update brings voice search.

Chrome for iOS

Apple’s Siri has ruffled quite a few feathers in the past, emerging as the most powerful and useful voice-based personal assistant in the tech arena. A number of companies have tried to pitch alternatives but none has proved as popular as Siri.

The updated Chrome app for iOS attempts to offer a similar, quality voice-based search to iOS users. In the new Chrome app, users can simply talk at the screen of their device and get Chrome to deliver results of the search query instantly. Not only that, the voice search in Chrome will also respond back to the users, citing direct answers to their queries.

Another great feature that is a part of the updated app is that it can reload cached pages a lot faster now. This essentially means that if you are unable to access a high-speed internet connection on your mobile device, you can still reload pages that you have recently opened without any hassle.

The updated app is already available for download on iTunes Store. To lay your hands on it right away, click here.

Source: iTunes
Courtesy: Engadget

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