CES 2012: AT&T Launches AppCenter For Android

CES 2012 is on full-throttle as the industry giants take this opportunity to launch their finest offerings. The latest fro at AT & T, one of the mainstream carriers, is that it has decided to launch an AppCenter for Android. If you are a developer, don’t worry that now you have to develop your apps for yet another app store. It’s not an app store. AT&T’s AppCenter will simply link the user to the existing app stores. The AppCenter will have HTML-5 and Android apps.

This AppCenter will not necessarily launch new apps. It will be simply linking the users to the existing Android and HTML-5 apps. According to what AT & T stated, this would make it easy for apps to be linked to Google’s Android Market for developers.

The apps will necessarily for smartphone users. And immediately after the announcement, AT & T has launched a beta version of the AppCenter. Its beta version is live now. Currently, the five categories of apps that it is offering include Free Apps, Music/TV, GPS, Games and More Apps. You can navigate straight to the AppCenter here and let the fun begin.

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