Find Clean Restrooms For $5 Per Visit With Airpnp

Airbnb may be one of the most popular ways of finding rooms to rent, but if it is clean restrooms you are looking for, Airpnp is the answer. The app lets you find restrooms near you for $3 to $5 per visit.


Typically, public restrooms are not that much clean and most people tend to keep themselves away from using for shyness. But, the problem is that there aren’t so many alternatives. So, Airpnp is trying to fill that void by allowing people to put up their restrooms for service and get paid in return.

Apartment owners usually post an image or two of their Airbnb restroom together with any notable features about it as well as the price of using it once. The app was originally conceived during the New Orleans Mardi Gras.

According to the founders of the app, they went to the New Orleans Mardi Gras and were unable to find a good enough bathroom. They say, ”This problem is often solved by using what is known as a ‘rogue pee.’ If caught the person faces a weekend in Orleans Parish Prison. Yet this stiff penalty doesn’t stop thousands upon thousands of ‘rogue pees’ –  and this clearly demonstrates the demand for a legal alternative.”

Currently, the app’s collection of restrooms comprises of a diverse set. However, since the number of app’s users are only limited for now, it remains to be seen how practically useful it is for those seeking restrooms. You can check out the app by clicking the official site given below.

Source: Airpnp

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