‘iBank Access’ For iPad Coming Soon

Quicken, by Intuit, has increasingly fallen short of fulfilling the requirements and hopes of Mac users. Currently, the company is working hard to make Quicken 2007 compatible with OS X Lion. In the meanwhile, a number of other companies have jumped the bandwagon to cater to users that seem unsatisfied with Quicken. One success story is that of ‘iBank Access’ which has gathered a huge customer base and is available as both Mac app and a companion iPhone app. The good news is that the company is also working for an iPad app.

iBank Access has been developed by IGG Software and is wildly popular among Mac and iPhone users seeking a finance app. One of the most useful features of iBank Access is ‘Direct Access.’ This feature automatically loads the history of any recent transactions that occurred at the linked accounts. All you have to do is link the relevant accounts about which you wish to regularly view the updates. Once you do that, the ‘Direct Access’ feature imports the latest updates on transactions from these accounts.

The company may decide to charge the users a nominal sum for this functionality. According to IGG’s chief architect, this functionality may initially be introduced to the users through a trail version so as to let them have a taste of it. If they like it, they can then go on to buy it. The functionality will soon be available for iBank for Mac too.

IGG is also very diligently working on the iCloud compatibility for all it’s iBank products. This will definitely be a very useful feature once the deal is sealed. As regard iBank app for iPad, it is being worked on. For now, the company hasn’t revealed the exact date for the app’s release but we do hope it will be in soon.

iBank App for Mac is available here for $59.99.

And you can get the iBank companion app for iPhone over here for $4.99.


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