Milk Video: An App Launchd By Samsung That’ll Help People Find Viral Videos

There are many people who love viral videos. But the problem is viral videos are not so easy to find. Even if you find a storage/source for viral videos, that may not attract you as you expected. But Samsung has thought something different. The company has launched an app that will help people find viral videos.


The app launched by Samsung is called Milk Video. This app is not exactly a Netflix or Hulu Plus competitor. It’s a kind of viral-video aggregator that makes it easy to find quick hits from a variety of sources.

Partners of Milk Video

The app itself looks gorgeous thanks to its multicolor design, but its interface might be a bit confusing for some. There’s a button at the top-left corner of the app’s home screen that will give you access to the list of available content partners. Samsung has 20 content partner channels from the likes of Funny or Die, Vice, Vanity Fair, College Humor, Cracked, BuzzFeed, and others. Most videos will be in between two- to eight-minute length. But Samsung has mentioned that depending on the provider, lengthier videos may also run.


On the other hand, to access the app’s list of content categories, which include everything from Sports to Comedy, though, you have to long-press the multi-color bar running down the right side of the screen. It’s easy enough to understand, but you have to know about it first. Milk Video also allows you to follow other members and check out their favorite videos. And if you desperately want everyone to check out a video you stumbled across of a puppy playing with a duckling, you can always email the link, star it, or share it to Facebook.

Follow Others On Milk Viral

Kevin Swint, vice president of content and services of Samsung said, “The key…when we looked at consumer behavior around video [was] discovery happens in a haphazard way. This experience being kind of random leaves a lot of people feeling like they’re the last one to see videos everyone’s talking about. We thought we could save that. Discovery happens in a very haphazard and random way. You tend to come across viral videos either by someone sending you an email, or text, or something like that. But this experience being kind of random leaves a lot of people feeling like they’re always the last to see the video that everyone is talking about. If you think about the screens we have from big, beautiful 4K HDTVs down through tablets and smartphones and even down to our newest wearables…It becomes really important for us to focus on delivering a great services experience around really great content.”

Milk Video

But the very disappointing news is that Milk Video is available only on Samsung Galaxy devices. And though there are a ton of those out there, it severely limits the app’s exposure among the wider Android audience. However, if you are a Samsung Galaxy device owner, then you can try Milk Video. You can have it from the Google Play Store.

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