Google Intends To Add Galapagos Islands To Street View

Galapagos islands feature a unique landscape that usually feels out of this world. That, and the creatures that inhabit the islands, was precisely what led Charles Darwin to coin his theory of evolution. Now, Google intends to add the Galapagos islands to Street View.

Galapagos islands

Galapagos islands are rather remote and over time, few have ventured to head out to the islands and take a tour. This may all change with Google’s new plans. The company aims to highlight the islands via Street View so that they would be accessible to all users within a few clicks.

Google has expended significant efforts into gathering the relevant data in order to help it map the islands correctly. According to the company, it sent out hikers who visited the island and were able to take panoramic views of the scenery with the help of their huge cameras.

According to the project leader for Google Maps, Raleigh Seamster, “We spent 10 days there hiking over trails … and even down the crater of an active volcano. And these are islands, so half of the life there is under the water surface. So (we brought) Street View underwater to swim with sea lions, sharks and other marine animals.”

During the course of gathering data for Street View, Google has been able to gather footage of many unique creatures. Scientists are already probing the footage and believe that it can prove vitally useful for students in the classrooms as well as the researchers.

Courtesy: ABC News

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