Find Your Lost or Stolen Camera With Stolen Camera Finder App

Matt Burns created this website to help you find your stolen camera. It looks on the web for other photos with the same EXIF ID. Using the EXIF data embedded in your photos, SCF scours the Web for serial number matches. All you’ve got to do to get the ball rolling is to drag a photo you took with your missing camera onto the dropzone and SCF does the rest.

If your camera is lost or stolen, there’s a chance it could pick up pictures taken by the new owner, if they haven’t scrubbed the metadata.

Drag and drop functionality is currently only supported in Google Chrome and Firefox: if you use another browser, you’ll have to use the manual search instead. There’s a downside, of course. Crafty criminals may scrub the data SCF needs in order to locate pictures taken with your camera — but it’s still worth a shot if your favorite camera is M.I.A.


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