Povio Is A New Photo App That Students Are Loving

The photo sharing app arena is currently pretty crowded. So any new contender will have to come up with a really innovative idea – and that’s precisely what Povio does, which is a new photo app that has a huge appeal for students.


Povio was initially launched in Slovenia, which is where the app’s creators are based. Within no time, the app was a huge hit with the local population, especially with the Twitter users. Now, the team behind the app is gearing up to bring it to U.S.

To that end, the app was launched in Santa Clara University in the U.S. In 3 weeks, nearly 1200 students had signed up for it and out of them, 15% are using it on a daily basis, according to the app’s founder, Matevz Petek. Povio has found a following elsewhere in the US too and is now on the way to join Y Combinator’s 2014 winter batch.

What makes Povio unique:
So how does the app work and why is it so popular? It is simply a new spin on the way we communicate on the social networks online. Typically, we simply post stuff to our social media accounts and those in our lists are able to watch, read or interact with that stuff.

Povio changes this by making content pull-based, rather than push-based. To use the app, you connect it to your Facebook account and see all those in your Friends list who are also using the app. You can then ‘ping’ any of them and ask for a photo of their immediate view. If they are interested, they will respond with one. Otherwise, the conversation ends there.


This is especially useful for people who don’t want to put their interactions and conversations out in the open. Moreover, it also helps connect people better. Rather than posting updates to your Facebook profile, the mode of interactions envisioned by Povio is more intimate.

Now that the team behind the app is ready to join Y Combinator, there is every chance that we may see it grow along with more popularity in the coming days. The app is yet another reminder that the competition may be tough out there, but new ideas have space to grow and succeed.

You can download the Povio app for Android and iOS here.

Source: Povio
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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