Top Free Tools To Manage Your Time Effectively In 2019

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Time is the most important capital that you have. The irony is everyone gets the same 24 hours each day, but only the ones who spend it right succeed in life. Well planned time management practices help you get more done in a shorter time. This means you will have more free time, which you can use to learn new skills.

This might not be the first time you are thinking of managing your time. Maybe you even had drafted out schedules assigning every second of the day to a task. But maybe you failed. One of the major factors that might have caused you to fail is the lack of regular reminder and a thorough report. You need to be able to identify where you are spending most of your time and if that’s actually worth it. Similarly, you need to know about the things that are actually paying off. There are many tools that help you track your time. Many of these tools have Apps and Browser Extension as well. Thus making Time Management an easy task.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time gives you an accurate picture of how you spend your time to help you become more productive every day. Moreover, adding Rescue Time to your phone gives you a complete view of your time on your digital devices. Get a one-click view of how you are spending your day and see cumulative time for the current website you are on. Rescue Time is also available as extensions for both Chrome and Firefox. Detailed reports from Rescue Time show which applications and websites you spent time on. Additional reports show how much time you spent in different categories, how productive you were, and whether you achieved your goals.


Toggl makes time tracking so simple you’ll actually use it. But even if you forget, their tracking reminders and idle detection have your back. Know how much your time is worth? Break down your hours by projects, clients and tasks to see what’s making you money, and what’s holding you back. Toggl will crunch the numbers so you can focus on the planning. Export any report into any format you need, or use our public API to move the data. Start tracking in your browser, stop the timer on your phone – all your time entries are synced between the phone apps, desktop apps, the Togglextension and the website. The simplest time tracker to help you get things done. Toggl is especially ideal for teams, freelancers & agencies.

Time Doctor

See what everyone is working on at a glance. Using this tool you get a daily summary in your inbox. Identify the tasks that are slowing your team down. Track time automatically and send hours to payroll. Time Doctor tracks the time worked by everyone on your team and gives you a breakdown by client, project, and task. See time spent working and time wasted. Identify inefficiencies. Find the projects and tasks that occupy your team’s time. You can track specific program/app usage, as well as time spent on specific websites. If someone is spending too much time with Facebook or YouTube pulled up, you will know.


Time tracking Start and stop the timer as you work on projects, or enter all your work hours manually in a timesheet. Log all your hours in one go and report a week’s worth of time in less than a minute. Run reports to see who worked on what and how much, and how much you need to bill clients or pay employees. Track time on projects and watch their progress, budget, and how close you are to finishing them.

Focus Booster

Based on the pomodoro technique, focus booster will empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions. Stay focused and fresh to get more done. Use simple dashboard reporting to visualize progress and rhythm to help further improve your productivity. Quickly generate invoices or reports from CSV exports to share with clients and managers. Discover work/life balance. Finish your work more quickly and thoroughly, breaks will keep you fresh and reports will measure progress and productivity to help you find areas for improvement.

Wrapping Up!

Now you know the right tools for your personal time tracking as well as for managing your team. The fact that you are reading this blog means, you are concerned about your time management practices. We recommend you start using at least one Time Management tool today and start managing your time better.

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