Google+ New Feature Allows Sharing Blogger Posts

A new feature that bridges between Google Blogger and Google + is meant to make sharing Blogger posts much easier. The improvement just announced on official channels relies on linking the Google + account to the blog and then bloggers can show to their followers their latest posts with just a few press of buttons.

Immediately after a post is published, a sharing box will prompt giving the blogger the option of choosing which Google+ Circles from their profile will be the lucky readers. There is the possibility of editing the lists of people who view the posts and the blogger can also add a comment to make the invitation to read the latest content from their blog more enticing. Any previous posts can be shared using the, surprisingly, Share option underneath each post and the same steps should be followed.

If for some reason, Blogger users would rather keep their posts for themselves or away from their Google+ friends and they wish not to be disturbed every time they publish a new post, they can opt out of the sharing feature. All they have to do is to disable it on the “Settings – Posts and Comments” page.

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