Fring’s Four-Way video Calling App For iPad 2

Fring is one of the most popular video chat apps specially for both iOS and Android platforms. Use Fring to make four-way video calls from your iPad 2 this whole time, but you’d have saddled with an iPhone-sized interface on your 9.7-inch IPS screen. The app got an update that optimizes it for the iPad 2.

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Now everything is more better as it is designed for the screen you intend to use it on. So, we’re very pleased to tell you that Fring has been updated with proper iPad support . Basically there’s no reason to use Facetime now, with its lame single-caller and WiFi only limitations. Hit up the source link if you’re in the group video chatting mood.

And big differentiator was that Fring allowed users to video call via their carrier’s 3G network instead of just via Wi-Fi. This is a big limiting factor for Apple’s FaceTime video calling which only works with a Wi-Fi connection.

Well this update comes just after the leaked video of a new Skype app made for the iPad. Up to this point, Skype users have had to use the iPhone version on their iPads, which doesn’t take advantage of the larger screen. Although the video was pulled, Skype later confirmed that the app would indeed be available soon!

The Fring update includes various bug fixes, a new drag and drop navigation, and also Bluetooth support along with other connectivity improvements.
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