Google Drive Starts Offering File Previews

Google Drive is used by a huge number of users. It is often meant to store an online copy of important documents so that they can be accessed easily from anywhere by logging in to the Google account. Now, the service has started offering file previews which essentially let you find the files you’re looking for more easily.

Google Drive previews

Being an avid user of Google Drive, I can testify that it can be irksome at times when all those tiny thumbnails of files look all the same in the list. The problem is especially acute when you have a knack of assigning rather generic names to your files. It can then take you a long deal of time to dig in and find the exact file you’re looking for.

Previews is available for photos, videos, PDF files as well as documents. For documents, you simply have to right-click it and select ‘preview.’

Once the preview opens, you get a number of more options. For instance, you can click the arrows on left and right to navigate to the previews of other files. Moreover, you can zoom in while previewing a document, select and copy text from within it, even download and print it directly from there.

For now, the feature has been rolled out to a limited number of users but Google is promising that it would soon be made available to all Google Drive users.

Courtesy: Mashable

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