Instagram Blocking Photos Uploaded By Third Party Apps On Windows Phone

Instagram recently made a number of changes to its API. Ever since its last update, the service has started blocking such photos which are uploaded to Instagram using third-party apps. This has posed a problem for many Windows Phone users.


Apparently, the new update that Instagram dished out as part of the API focuses on fighting spam and preventing any mass flooding of images. According to an Instagram spokesperson, “We recently made an update to the systems that we use to fight spam to help prevent future attacks and increase security.”

It is quite possible that as part of this anti-spam filter that has been included in the API, third-party apps are being blocked from uploading any images to Instagram. So far, the apps that are being blocked by Instagram are the ones which are not using the official API of the service.

This essentially means that such developers who want their apps to upload images to Instagram will need to get permission to use the official API. This has posed problems, especially for the app developers for the Windows Phone platform, because there is no official Instagram app for Windows Phone.

Until now, unofficial third-party apps have been used by Windows Phone users to upload images to Instagram. Now that the new API is in place, this is no longer feasible. So either Microsoft needs to reach out to Instagram and help bring an official app to the WP app store or the WP developers will have to tweak the apps to the new API.

Courtesy: Gigaom

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