RunFatBoy: Find a Suitable Exercise Plan and Monitor Them

The right exercise plan varies from person to person. People often forget that while turning to the internet for exercise help. Most websites list the same exercise plans for all their users. Selecting the best plans is left entirely up to you. Also you might select a plan that is simply too difficult for you thus you might fail to complete it.

Here to help you with this problem is a web service called Run Fat Boy.


Run Fat Boy is a wonderful web service that helps you find the exercise plan that is best for you. The first thing you do on the site is sign up for an account. While it is primarily a paid web service the site offers a 7 day free trial to its users. You can select the trial option while signing up.


After you have signed into your account you can view various exercise plans that correspond to different body parts. For each plan type you can indicate if it is too easy or too difficult.


As you mark the exercises as easy or difficult, their level of intensity decreases or increases accordingly. For instance the “walk for 10 minutes” on the treadmill exercise will reduce to 8 minutes or even lesser if you click on the “Too Hard” option. If you like, you can eliminate entire exercise plans using the red cross button. If you have already formed an exercise plan and would like to add more exercise to it, the site let you easily do so. You can add any type of exercise to an existing plan.


After you have formed an exercise plan, you can take a print of it and take it the gym.

For other aspects of your exercise such recording journal entries, recording your diet, and adding photographs to your Run Fat Boy account, you can keep on using the Run Fat Boy dashboard where these features are available.


By letting you find the right exercise plan for you and by allowing you to record journal entries, store photos, and monitor your diet on the same dashboard, Run Fat Boy has made monitoring your exercise plan very convenient.

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