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Internet TV Service By Sky Coming Soon

The realm of TV entertainment is undergoing a radical shift. By each passing day, it is inching closer to a web presence and in the coming days, we may find ‘TV’ or the content of the TV only on the web or through web. While Apple is rumoured to launch it’s Apple TV soon, there are other competitors jumping the bandwagon. Sky has recently announced that it plans to launch an internet TV service for British users before the first half of 2012 ends.

According to Sky, initially the content streamed to the users through this online service will be limited. To be precise, initially the subscribers will be able to access only Sky movies. However, Sky says that other entertainment content will also be made available very soon after the launch.

The packages for subscribers will be flexible and varied, according to Sky. There will be no minimum contract and users will be able to subscribe for monthly unlimited packages or pay per the amount of content watched each month. Such packages don’t exist on the actual Sky Go plan. This service of internet TV will be available to users who access it through PCs, tablets, gaming consoles, mobile phones and connected TVs.

Sky will also be offering a fiber broadband service from April this year. It will be priced at 20 pounds a month and will have no storage cap, the downloading speeds going up to 40 mega  bytes.

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