Web Version Of The Popular Magazine App Flipboard Arrives

Flipboard has been a wildly popular magazine app to smartphone users. The app lets users get content of their liking in a magazine like fashion and has mustered millions of downloads on iOS as well as Android devices. Now, the web version of the app has also been released.

Flipboard web version

A number of apps let users aggregate content from multiple sources into a centralized place.What makes Flipboard different is that the presentation of content in this app is a visual delight.

The app is deeply integrated with major social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Now that the web version of the app has arrived, this will let users make the most out of this social integration.

The web version is a really smart decision by the company, because now that the app already has audience in millions, the web version will be able to gain traction in no time. And once it musters sufficient users, it will become yet another revenue stream for Flipboard.

This will also help the users access their content with more ease and convenience, across all devices and machines. According to Flipboard’s founder, Mike McCue, “It doesn’t matter if the website cannibalizes native app traffic. We don’t care where the user comes from. We’re trying to curate awesome content on any device, as optimized as possible.”

The web version is supported across a whole lot of browsers which include Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE9 and later. You can get your hands on the web app by browsing to the official Flipboard site.

Source: Flipboard

Courtesy: Techspot

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