New Find My Face App Rolled for Google Plus

There’s isn’t a week that doesn’t go by without Google rolling out some new feats for the pretender to the throne of the Social Network Empire. So this time, we’re going to be talking about a face detection feature called Find My Face.

What’s the purpose of this new option? Well, transforming the experience of tagging your photos and of your friends into a fun fest. And because Google+ is mostly known for its strict privacy rules, this isn’t your typical facial recognition tool. Google will politely ask for your permission before turning anything on, but it’s the users who finally decide whether or not they want to accept Google+ settings.

Another new feature consists in the tightening of the Google+ and Google relationship by allowing user to filter their messages by Google+ circles. So, now when you add somebody to your contacts and you share photos with them or post on their wall – all is imediately shipped within Gmail. When viewing an individual email, you will be able to add the sender to circles, if he’s not part of them already you can see whatever he/she posts. And here’s another extra useful feat: contacts integration. Now you can view your existing contacts’ Google+ profiles too. It does make things a lot easier, doesn’t it?


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