Read Google Books Offline Now On Chrome

Google Books have been a very useful tool ever since it’s inception. However, if you wanted to read a book on Google Books, you had to stay online and read it. Not anymore! With a latest update, Google now allows you read the books from Google Books offline too. You need to have a Chrome browser or a device run on Chrome OS to read the book offline.

This latest update is very useful since it allows the entire book to be saved into the cache of the browser. Once it is saved into the cache of the browser, you are able to read it even if you get offline.

To avail this excellent service, you need to have a Chrome browser or a device which runs Chrome OS such as a Chromebook. Next, you have to install the free Google Books app for the Chrome browser. You can find the app here.¬†You can access your app once it’s installed by opening a new tab or window in Chrome.

Now that you have the app installed, all you have to do is browse to the book you want to read on Google Books, hover the mouse over it and tick the option ‘Make available offline.’ This automatically starts the download of the book in the background. Once the download is complete, you get an option ‘Available offline’ next to the book’s cover.

There are some limitations to this service. For now, you can avail this option only on EPUB books and not PDF books since PDF books are too large. For other details about this new feature, visit Google Books support page.

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