Stuck In Traffic? Report Your Woes To Elected Officials With ‘I’m Stuck’ App

If you are living in any of the countless urban hubs in the U.S., you are sure to run into traffic blocks every now and then. Since reporting such problems is quite a hassle, people tend not to report them most of the times. To help you with this, a new app called ‘I’m Stuck’ lets you report traffic issues to elected officials quickly, through certain automated responses.

I'm Stuck app

The app has been released by ‘Building America’s Future’, an infrastructure advocacy group that aims to make it easy for common citizens to report traffic problems. The ‘I’m Stuck’ app is available to both Android and iOS users.

The app initially requires you to provide a few details such as your address. After that, every time you run into a traffic-related issue, you simply have to fire up the app, select what kind of problems you are facing and send it to the authorities. Since the app gathers your address, it detects the Senator or Representative specific to your locality and then send the complaint to him.

This is a fairly impressive idea, because it makes it incredibly easier for citizens to reach out to their representatives on a specific issue. According to Edward G. Rendell of Building American’s Future, “We’re trying to use this [app] as a permission to elected officials, a way of saying to them, it’s okay to support investment in infrastructure.”

You can download the Android version of the app here, whereas the iOS app can be downloaded here.

Source: BAF

Courtesy: The Verge

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