Shared Reminders Feature Appears On Apple’s Website

When the web-based Reminders application went live on last month, it lacked an important feature: Shared Reminders. But, no more. Over the past few days Apple has rolled out the Shared Reminders feature to the web-based version of iCloud.

iCloud shared reminder

Users have been able to share reminders since the release of Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 — but no such luck was present for Windows or iOS 6 users. So this web-based reminder sharing feature looks to fill the gap for iOS 6 and Windows users.

For those unfamiliar with Shared Reminders: they allow you to share a reminder with friends or family. It’s an easy process, just add the user’s email to the “add person” section of the Reminders application and the reminder will show up in the user’s email or Reminders application.

I’ve used this Shared Reminders application in the past to alert friends of upcoming events — such as a concert, trip to the mall, and sometimes to just hangout.

Source: iClarified

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