Will We Have Adobe Photoshop For Apple iPad By 2019?

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Adobe Photoshop for iPad will most likely be a reality by 2019. The company is working on the project. However, the news has not yet been confirmed.

Adobe Photoshop For iPad

The Desktop version of Adobe Photoshop is a powerful software. With the availability of greater computation power at reduced prices, the sale of smartphones has sky-rocketed. As a result in the near future, we can expect to avail smartphone versions of the powerful desktop software.

Several blogs are available stating that Adobe Photoshop will be available for iPads by 2019. Although the news has not been confirmed yet. Hopefully, the company will make an announcement in their upcoming MAX conference in October. Although, Chief Product Officer of Creative Cloud Scott Belsky has confirmed that it was working to develop a mobile application for Adobe Photoshop. He specifically mentioned the iPad in his statement.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s other signature product Lightroom CC is already available for iPad and tablets. Recently, the recent update for Lightroom CC enables syncing of custom presets to the mobile version.

Over the years, Adobe has deployed several mechanisms to exploit technological inventions in order to improve its quality of service. In the year 2012, it moved all of its applications to the Cloud.

The company aims to develop a mobile version of Adobe Photoshop for multiple reasons. A Mobile version of the most widely used digital designing software would mean it will be accessible through different mobile devices. It will boost its user base. Additionally, it will also help to attract new users for their software. Furthermore, it also introduced its subscription-based package for users. Following the changes, the company witnessed a whopping 700% increase in its stock prices.

Wrapping Up!

What are your expectations for the iPad version of the Photoshop? Please let us know in the comments section. In the meantime here is a quick blog on Graphene and its potential to be used for Space Elevators.

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