Anonymous Leaks Banking Industry Data Online, Protesting Aaron Swartz’s Death

Ever since Aaron Swartz’s tragic demise, the online hacktivist group Anonymous had vowed that it would make the government pay unless authorities trashed the laws that were used to persecute Swartz. Staying true to its vows, Anonymous has now released an online dump of banking industry data.


The data that has been released contains documents related to some 4,000 top personnel in the banking industry. It includes phone numbers, email addresses, names, home addresses and even hashed passwords of these people. Concerns have been cited that the data may possibly have been sniffed from Federal Reserve computers, which would essentially mean that Anonymous was able to break into those systems.

Anonymous hacked the website of Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center and then posted the file containing all this data on the site. Although the IT gurus at the other end were soon able to remove it somehow, a cache copy of the hacked page is still available.

In posting this data, Anonymous has reiterated its stance that it wants the U.S. authorities to change the laws that were used to bully Aaron Swartz and coax him into such depression that eventually forced him to commit suicide. As is mostly the case, the authorities seem busy in biding their time so as to fend off the pressure on them and somehow get away with changing nothing at all.

Source: OpLastResort

Courtesy: The Verge

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