Anonymous Takes Down Chicago Police Department Website

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous, has been known to side with human rights and other socio-political activist groups. Currently, during the NATO Summit which is ongoing in Chicago, the police department brutalized and mistreated a number of protesters who had gathered to retaliate the warmongering of NATO. Anonymous avowed revenge and took down the website of Chicago police department.

At the summit, the protesters carried signs reading “NATO, Go home” and “War = Debt.” The police present at the occasion didn’t take kindly to such innocent retaliation and allegedly brutalized and mistreated a number of protesters.

Folks at the police department, as usual, deny all such allegations. A police superintendent stated, “If anything else happens, the plan is to go in and get the people who create the violent acts, take them out of the crowd and arrest them. We’re not going to charge the crowd wholesale — that’s the bottom line.”

To retaliate against such police behaviour, a sub-group of Anonymous, AntiS3curityOPS, first posted a video message online and then launched an attack against the official website of the Chicago police department.

The video message contained the excerpt, “We are actively engaged in actions against the Chicago Police Department, and encourage anyone to take up the cause and use the AntiS3curityOPS Anonymous banner. For those able, should be fired upon as much as possible. We are in your harbor Chicago, and you will not forget us.”

The page has been apparently restored by the police department but is still down with the error message popping up, “The page you are looking for on the City of Chicago website is no longer available or cannot be found. Our support staff has been notified and will investigate the issue for this page.”

Source: Mashable

Courtesy: CNET

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