Bing Maps Reveal What Looks Like Secret U.S. Drone Base In KSA

A secret U.S. drone base was recently discovered to be in Saudi Arabia, a revelation that stirred a heated debate all across the globe. Now, Noah Shactman of Wired seems to have spotted the very same base on Bing Maps. Indeed if the images are accurate, they provide a very close and vivid view of the base.

Saudi Drone base

A number of publications, including NYT, were apparently aware of the secret base. But they withheld the information, on the express request of CIA. However, the information was revealed last week which created quite a controversy. Many questioned KSA’s proclaimed religiosity when viewed in light of the fact that it allowed U.S. authorities to launch drone attacks from its land.

One of the key reasons why the images revealed by Bing Maps seem authentic is the fact that the base shown in them is near the Yemen border. That is precisely where NYT reported the secret base to be, since drone attacks were meant to be launched inside of Yemen. Moreover, the images contain hangers, which are often seen on the drone bases.

Shactman also states that two American intelligence officials confirmed that the images did indeed reveal the actual base that was secret until a while ago. The base had been installed in the country to target Al-Qaeda leaders and members in the neighboring country of Yemen.

Source: Wired

Courtesy: Mashable

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