Adobe Security Breach Is Far More Serious Than The Company Revealed

We recently reported how Adobe was a victim of the hackers, yet again, and that the hackers were able to make away with the data of nearly 3 million users. But more details about the incident show that hackers may have laid their hands on the data of 38 million users, while also getting the source code of many notable Adobe softwares.


Initially, Adobe revealed that the hackers were able to get their hands on encrypted credit card numbers and expiry dates of some 2.9 million users. However, more investigations into the matter show that the hackers were able to get personal data of nearly 38 million users.

In fact, some sources claim that the scope of damage is even greater. A recent file dumped at contains the usernames and hashed passwords of more than 150 million users and the person who has posted the file claims that the data was nicked from an Adobe server.

Adobe has been quick is responding to the whole fiasco and the company reset passwords of any active users who have been affected. What makes things worse for Adobe, though, is that according to notable security blog, Krebs on Security, the hackers were able to get the source code of Adobe products such as Photoshop, Reader and Acrobat.

This hasn’t been confirmed but this certainly sounds very dangerous. If the hackers indeed have the source code of these products, they can easily discern any and all vulnerabilities in them and then exploit them to target individuals or corporations using Adobe software.

According to a blog post by Hold Security, “While we are not aware of specific use of data from the source code, we fear that disclosure of encryption algorithms, other security schemes, and software vulnerabilities can be used to bypass protections for individual and corporate data.¬†Effectively, this breach may have opened a gateway for new generation of viruses, malware, and exploits.”

Courtesy: PC World

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