Check If Your Snapchat Account Been Compromised

We recently reported the massive Snapchat breach, letting the hackers lay their hands on as much as 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers. Not sure if your Snapchat account was among these? Given below is a quick look-up tool to help you confirm.

GS Lookup status

The tool has been developed by Will Smildlein and Robbie Trencheny and is called ‘GS Lookup – Snapchat.‘ Apparently, the duo are making use of the SQL files containing the leaked information, originally made available on the website.

According to Smidlein, “My biggest fear with leaks like this are that malicious [tech-savvy] people have access to the SQL file, but a ‘normal’ consumer doesn’t necessarily understand what that means.” It is interesting to note here that the site has been shuttered within no time of its launch. The site offered download of the 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and passwords, claiming that it was doing so purely to highlight security issues.

GS Lookup is a very useful tool in that it lets you see whether or not your Snapchat account was among these 4.6 million accounts. All you need to do is browse to the site and enter your Snapchat username. Hit the ‘lookup’ button and the tool will reveal whether or not your phone number was made public in the breach.

GS Lookup status

Since the duo launched the tool online, it has apparently been getting a lot of traffic. To withstand such high traffic, they have decided to share the site’s load with Gibson Security, a notable security company which recently made public two glaring vulnerabilities in Snapchat.

Source: GS Lookup – Snapchat

Courtesy: Mashable

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